HTML <a> Tag with target="_blank" Attribute

<a href="" target="_blank">HTML codes</a>

How to Use the above Code

  1. Replace the value of the href attribute to be the URL of the document you're linking to.
  2. Replace the anchor text (HTML codes) with the text you want the user to see.

About the _blank Value

The _blank value of the target attribute indicates that the URL should open in a new window.

However, there are some possible variations to this rule, depending on whether the page is sandboxed or not. See the W3C website for more information.

About the target Attribute

The target attribute specifies the target frame to load the page into. Only to be used when the href attribute is present.

Possible values:

  • _blank
  • _self
  • _top
  • _parent
  • Any string with at least one character that does not start with a U+005F LOW LINE character.