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What are Textboxes?

In HTML, textboxes are boxes containing text. Textboxes are normally used to allow the user to enter and submit multiple lines of text.

Textboxes are sometimes referred to as "comment boxes" because they enable the user to enter comments into a website. They are also known as "textareas". This is probably due to the fact that to create a textbox/textarea, you need to use the HTML textarea tag.

Basic HTML Textbox Code

As mentioned, to create textboxes, you need to use the textarea tag. When you use this tag, you need to specify how many columns wide and how many rows high the textbox should be.

To make the textbox actually do something, it needs to be submitted to an action page. This action page provides the programming logic to process the form data. In the example below, we nest the textarea within a form tag that specifies an action page using the action attribute.

Here's an example:

Source CodeResult

More Textbox Codes

You can do much more with textboxes. Below are links to pages that provide HTML code for different effects you can do with textboxes: