HTML <data> Tag

<h2>Investment Books</h2>
<li><data value="0060555661">The Intelligent Investor</data></li>
<li><data value="0615975070">Berkshire Hathaway Letters to Shareholders</data></li>
<li><data value="0071592539">Security Analysis</data></li>

The <data> element is used for providing contents in both human-readable format and machine-readable format.

The <data> element can be handy when you have a script to process a value, but that script only accepts data in a certain format. Such format might not be very readable for your users, and therefore, you can provide two different representations of the same value — one for the user, and one for the script.

The above example uses the book title for the user, and the ten digit ISBN for any script that needs to read the data.

Note: The value attribute is a required attribute. It is used to provide the machine-readable representation of the element's contents.