HTML <address> Tag

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The <address> element represents an address. This address is usually related to authorship of the current HTML document, or a section of the document.

Where to Put the <address> Tag?

If the <address> element's nearest ancestor is the <body> element, it applies to the document as a whole. If its nearest ancestor is an <article> element, then it applies to the section.

Can I use the <address> Tag for Postal Addresses?

The <address> element cannot represent arbitrary addresses (e.g. postal addresses) unless those addresses are the contact information for the document/section. Postal addresses should otherwise be placed inside <p> tags.

Don't Put These Elements Inside the <address> Tag…

An <address> element must not contain the following elements: <article>, <aside>, <nav>, <section>, <header>, <footer>, <hgroup>, <h1>-<h6> or other <address> elements.