HTML <area> Tag with 'target=_self'

<img src ="" width="200" height="142" alt="Map of Australia and New Zealand" usemap ="#aus-nz">

<map name="aus-nz">
  <area shape ="poly" coords ="3,47,45,12,105,7,140,60,120,125,12,90" href ="" target="_self" alt="Australia">
  <area shape ="poly" coords ="180,85,200,98,167,142,157,138" href ="" target="_self" alt="New Zealand">

The above example demonstrates usage of target=_self when using the <area> element.

The _self value of the target attribute indicates that the URL should open in a new window.

About the target Attribute

The target attribute specifies the target frame to load the page into. Only to be used when the href attribute is present.

Possible values:

  • _blank
  • _self
  • _top
  • _parent
  • Any string with at least one character that does not start with a U+005F LOW LINE character.