HTML <ol> Tag with the 'type' Attribute

<p>The most popular fruit, in order, are:</p>
<ol type="i">

The above example demonstrates usage of the ol element with the type attribute.

The type attribute can be used to specify the kind of marker to use in the list, in the cases where that matters (e.g. because items are to be referenced by their number/letter).

If the type attribute is specified, it must have one of the following values:

1Represents decimal numbers (eg. 1. 2. 3. ... etc)
aRepresents lower case latin alphabet (eg. a. b. c. ... etc)
ARepresents upper case latin alphabet (eg. A. B. C. ... etc)
iRepresents lower case roman numerals (eg. i. ii. iii. ... etc)
IRepresents upper case roman numerals (eg. I. II. III. ... etc)