HTML <span> Tag

<p>Example of using the <span style="color:orange;font-size:xx-large;">span</span> tag.</p>

The above example demonstrates usage of the <span> element.

The <span> element is a generic container that can be used for applying global attributes such as styles, language, text direction, etc.

The function of the <span> element is similar to that of the <div> element except that the <span> element is (and accepts) phrasing content and the <div> element is (and accepts) flow content.

Generally, a <div> will create a block that, unless changed with style sheets, will take up the full width and will occupy its own line (i.e. it won't appear inline with other content).

The <span> element, on the other hand, appears inline, so you can use the <span> element to style smaller blocks of text inline.