HTML <time> Tag

<p>Date example: <time>2015-01-17</time></p>
<p>Time example: <time>16:20:04</time></p>
<p>Floating date & time example: <time>16:20:04T15:03</time></p>
<p>Time-zone offset example: <time>-0800</time></p>
<p>Global date & time example: <time>16:20:04T15:03-0800</time></p>
<p>Duration example: <time>2h 14m 15s</time></p>
<p>Week example: <time>2015-W12</time></p>
<p>Month example: <time>2015-05</time></p>

The above example demonstrates usage of the <time> element.

The <time> element is used for displaying a date and/or time value. The datetime attribute can be used to provide a representation of the element's contents in a machine-readable format.

The time could be a month, week, date, time, date and time, etc.