HTML <wbr> Tag

<p>Jesse Helms said:</p> 
<blockquote style="width:170px;font-size:1.3em;">I note your distress at my flocci<wbr>nauci<wbr>nihili<wbr>pili<wbr>fication of the CTBT [but] I do not share your enthusiasm for this treaty for a variety of reasons</blockquote>.

The above example demonstrates usage of the <wbr> element.

The <wbr> element represents a line break opportunity.

A line breack opportunity is basically a hint to the browser that it's OK to create a line break at this spot if required. Therefore, if there's no need for a line break, there won't be a line break. A line break will only occur if the text needs to wrap (typically because the text is too wide for its container).

The <wbr> element allows you to specify where you think the best place for a line break is.

This is in contrast to the <br> element, which forces a line break.