Scroll Boxes

This page contains scroll boxes. Feel free to copy and paste the scroll boxes into your own website, blog, MySpace page, or other HTML document. And feel free to modify the code as you wish.

What are Scroll Boxes?

In HTML, scroll boxes are usually a box containing text, images, or other elements, that allows the user to scroll if the contents are too big for the box. Scroll boxes are often used when you don't want to take up too much space with your content. By creating a scroll box, you allow more content to fit into a smaller space.

If you found this page while looking for scrolling text/scrolling marquees, check out these scrolling text, scrolling images, and other marquee codes.

Basic Scroll Box Code

The following example demonstrates what the basic HTML scroll box code does. Here, we place text into a div tag. But, we choose to turn the div into a scroll box. We do this using overflow:scroll.

Source CodeResult

About Scroll Boxes

This is an example of an HTML scroll box.

Scroll boxes allow you to place lots of web content into a small box. You can force the box to have scroll bars so that the user can scroll down (or across) to view all of the content.

The above example is just a glimpse of what you can do with HTML scroll boxes. There are plenty of other things you can do with scroll boxes. Check out the scroll box codes below to get scroll boxes for your website!