HTML <main> Tag

<!DOCTYPE html>
<style type="text/css">
header, article, aside, footer, main, nav {border:8px solid #F9EECF;padding:3px;margin:3px;width:50%;} 

The above example demonstrates usage of the <main> element.

The <main> element represents the main content of the <body> of the HTML document or application. This consists of content that is directly related to or expands upon the central topic of a document or central functionality of an application.

The <main> element should not be used to provide site navigation links, copyright information, site logos, banners, site-search forms (unless the document's main function is to provide search).

There must not be more than one <main> element in an HTML document.

Also, the <main> element must not be a descendent of any <article>, <aside>, <footer>, <header>, or <nav> elements.